Sunday, April 11, 2010

Off to a slow start

Raised garden beds - awaiting tidying and planting

newly mulched pathways

Lately it seems our free weekends have coincided rather unhandily with weather that doesn't exactly inspire thoughts of working outdoors. The weekends with unseasonably warm, sunny weather? Well those weekends managed to be the week in February when I was too sick to get off the sofa and the weekend in March that we were committed to working at a fundraiser.

This weekend showed up with no rain on the schedule and quite a bit of sun (if rather breezy and chilly at times) - so outside Garden Guy and I went to clear out the embarrassing growth of weeds in the front flower beds and the side garden.

We filled up two 92 gallon organics containers and probably could have done another if a) we had one and b) we had more weekend.

Garden Guy planted his potatoes:
- German Butterball
- Sangre
- Russian Banana fingerling

and I planted onions:
- Red Bull (red storage)
- Copra (white storage)
- Tropeana Lunga (red storage)
- Candy (white sweet Spanish)

(seeds and potatoes from Territorial Seed Company)

And together we managed to put a dent in Hog Fuel mountain mulching the aisleways. There's still a bit more to spread as we try to eliminate the remaining amounts of sod in the back of the garden and along the sides.

Hog Fuel Mountain - 10 yards of mulch delivered a few months ago

Over the next few weeks we'll clean up the trellises (trelli?) and touch up the paint. We have plenty of time since it won't be time to plant beans until late May or early June.

Trellis parts awaiting maintenance
Mason bee house on the post to the right (more on that in another post)

Hopefully this year will hold more regular garden updates and a real garden journal instead of last year's sporadic posts. Should be easier this year seeing as how we don't have a concurrent major house renovation and a child's wedding on the calendar!